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Don’t Panic! The Pros and Cons of Viral Content in Veterinary Marketing

A white dog in front of a laptopThe phrase “going viral” has become a huge part of daily vernacular. With that, it is easy to see how creating viral content is a main goal for many social marketers. What happens when your fifteen minutes of viral fame come to a screeching halt, though? Can your social media ever recover from, gulp, regular results after the high of content that has gone viral?

The short answer is: Of course you can. You just have to be aware of what it really means for something to “go viral” and what to do after that happens.

That Viral Feeling

What does it take for content to go viral? Unfortunately, there is no exact recipe that ensures a piece of content will be continuously shared across the ever-expanding void known as the interwebs. There are a few qualities that most viral content seems to share, however.

  • Emotional: People love content that tugs at the heartstrings. If you happen to post a story about a dog patient that was found abused and abandoned and is now thriving as a therapy dog, there is a good chance it will be shared. It is always a safe idea to share raw, honest content that induces an emotional reaction. Even if it does not go viral, it will create a bridge between you and your followers.
  • Funny: Whenever you can make someone laugh with some content, you are excelling with your social media efforts. If you can make someone laugh so hard that they want to share the thing that made them laugh, you are on your way to viral town.
  • Relatable: Humans are always looking for ways to connect. Sometimes all it takes to feel connected is to find something to which you can relate. If you can share a pet adoption story that most of your followers can relate to, they will be more likely to respond positively to your content.

Viral Content and All Its Perks

Viral content brings a lot of advantages to your social media presence. It can expand your reach by thousands. It can earn you a lot more followers. It can improve your SEO results. It can even bring more tails through the door.

If you take advantage of viral content, it will help you build a lasting social media presence that earns you more customers, which is your ultimate goal with any marketing efforts.

Viral Content: The Downfalls

If you do have content that is shared voraciously, proceed with caution. The viral content hangover can be tough. Comparing your regular social media results to the viral ones might make you feel like your social marketing efforts are failing, which is definitely not the case.

Remember that viral content is not the norm. Try not to judge the rest of your results against the unicorn of an unexpectedly popular post. It is also important to avoid being too critical of yourself when your next few posts do not go viral – that does not mean that you are failing at social marketing!

While a piece of viral content can elicit a lot of positive attention, there is a chance it can also bring some negative attention, too. Instead of engaging with these less-than-favorable comments, you might want to just hide them to keep your page positive.

Don’t panic when it comes to viral content and social media. Contact us today to learn more about social marketing and to get help creating a solid online presence for your business.

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