Landing Pages: What Are They And Why Do I Need One?

If you are working with one of Beyond Indigo Pets’ Pay-Per-Click Specialists or Social Marketing Analysts, you’ve likely heard the term ‘Landing Page’ bandied about. But do you know what landing pages are, and why they’re important for your marketing campaigns?

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is where a visitor will “land” on your website when following an AdWords or other specific-purpose marketing link. A landing page can either be a specific service page within your website, or be built out separately if the ad is specifically targeted or specialized (e.g.: for a particular promotion or event).

While landing pages can be used for many different purposes, the main goal is to entice visitors to use the service that landed them on that page to begin with. For example, a veterinary practice that offers premium dental services and is targeting its PPC marketing toward those services, would want potential clients following that AdWords link to land on their dental services page, specifically.

How Landing Pages Help

Targeting ads, and directing those clicking on them, to the the specific service being targeted gives the interested party the information they are looking for, immediately.

Back to our example at hand, if a potential customer clicks on a link advertising dental services, but is directed to your site’s homepage with no immediately obvious path to your dental services page, they may become impatient or frustrated and bounce off your site within a matter of seconds.

However, if that link takes them directly to your dental services page (or a landing page specific to a dental month promotion, say), the customer is more likely to engage with the page, and possibly the rest of the site, increasing the odds of a conversion. As an additional bonus, the longer a visitor is on your website, the better its position in overall search rankings, making the increased time on your page a win-win all around.

Landing pages can make both your website and your PPC / Social marketing rise above the competition. As an increasing amount of consumers are directing their purchasing power to the internet, the need to “give ‘em what they’re looking for” is more important than ever; as is your website’s visibility in search ranking. Whether it’s a pre-existing service page on your site, or designed as a standalone page specific to an ad, a targeted and well-appointed landing page can offer your veterinary practice both of these advantages.

To learn more about landing pages and how they can work for your veterinary marketing, ask your SEO Analyst or schedule a consultation.