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Delivering the Unexpected: The Gift of Results-Driven Veterinary Marketing

A gift of a bone for a lucky dogThe holidays are a strange mix of emotions and expectations, aren’t they? People hope for the best, want to be surprised with the unexpected, focus on the positive, and try to bring out the best in themselves and others.

Marketing is much the same way; but in the past, people have tended to focus on the negative aspects of marketing, instead of the positive. Most folks generally perceive marketing as a black hole, assume the worst, and just wish the whole darn thing would go away. But gone are the days of the YellowPages ad, when all you had to do was write a check once a year and decide which size ad you were going to buy.

In 2017, Beyond Indigo aimed to deliver the unexpected, with greater returns and more tails through the door then anticipated. And, just like Santa, we have delivered a few surprises this holiday season – namely the gift of increased business, all wrapped up with a bow on top.

Beyond Indigo’s Individual Client Results

While it is our goal to deliver top-notch results for all of our clients, a few of our results knocked the ball out of the proverbial park. Here are a few examples that we take pride in.

  • Through careful targeting and ad management, our SEO team helped Parktown Veterinary Clinic’s AdWords conversions rise by a whopping 345.52%, creating a potential revenue of $75,150 in 2017. At the same time, we decreased their cost per conversion by 73.12%, saving $34.72 per conversion.
  • For Eastside Veterinary Associates, Google’s My Business reports that, since beginning SEO services with Beyond Indigo, 82% of people have found their business when searching for ”veterinarians” – which is up from the mere 16% they had prior to starting services with us. This means that, out of every one hundred people searching for “veterinarians,” 66 more people saw their business than before.
  • After the first month that we optimized their device and location targeting, Poulsbo Animal Clinic experienced a 300% increase in conversions (phone calls), with a 65% decrease in cost per conversion. Clicks on their Google ads increased by 251%. This increased their potential revenue by $1800 for the first month and increased their potential revenue by $171,150 since April when using an average transaction charge of $150.
  • Billings Animal Hospital’s blog post, Ask a Vet: Why Is My Dog Licking Ears? is a featured result on Google and has generated over 70,000 page views since it was published in mid-2016, which resulted in its overall placement as the #1 result in Google’s search results on that subject.

Beyond Indigo’s Overall Results

Our individual client results don’t tell the whole of our results-driven success story. When looking at the big picture, we are proud to report that…

  • Blogging remains a staple of Beyond Indigo’s own successful digital marketing strategy, with 2017 showing a 98% increase in total page views for our blog, over 2016.
  • Our Helpdesk knocked it out of the park with 53% of tickets responded to an hour, 25% of tickets resolved within 24 hours, and 70% resolved within 48 hours – all the while maintaining a 100% client satisfaction rate!
  • Beyond Indigo maintains an AdWord Click Through Rate of 5% on Mobile and 3% on Desktop for clients, which increases the buying power of a dollar and ultimately increases business traffic. The average industry click-through rate is 1%, meaning we are 4% above the industry standard! Talk about more bang for a veterinary hospital’s buck.
  • Google’s My Business sites that Beyond Indigo’s overall conversions show a year-over-year increase of 29%, for an additional 14,310 phone calls to our client’s veterinary hospitals.
  • On average, across all industries, the average Click Through Rate (CTR) for a Facebook Ad is .9%. At Beyond Indigo our Facebook ads have a 1.37% link CTR. As a result, we have fielded multiple requests from our clients to slow down or pause their Facebook ads because they generated so much business.

As we continue to focus on the positive in 2018, expect to hear more about our veterinary digital marketing results as we showcase the numbers behind the marketing we do for our clients.  

Beyond Indigo is here to empower veterinary businesses. We are changing the conversation in the marketplace from one that is focused solely on cost, to one that is about both cost and results. Marketing doesn’t need to be a negative stressor in your practice – it does work and when done right, will drive business through the doors.

Happy holidays to you all and we look forward to working with you in the year ahead!  

Kelly Baltzell, MA
CEO, Beyond Indigo Pets

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