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WHAT the FORK!?!–I Lost My Google Page Rank

Reviewing website analytics.

Digital Marketing is very fickle, especially when Google is involved.  Unfortunately,  if you do not rank in Google, you do not exist in the eyes of the internet. In fact, when a hospital conducts marketing, it is marketing to two audiences—clients and Google. 

A Good First Impression 

Think of Google as a person you really want to date, which means you need to make a good first impression (and might not get the chance for a second). Google is going to give your website the head-to-toe scan and look for the following:

  • Is the website up-to-date? Current? Unless it is a costume party, anything that screams 1970’s leisure suit needs to vamoose. Google wants to know that your website is sporting the latest threads (content) and is interesting and compelling to read. In addition, the content needs to be refreshed often, through a monthly blog, to keep Google interested.  Nobody wants a boring date!
  • Connections on Google are important. These are called backlinks and internal links. Just like in dating, your friends matter. For Google, this means who you link to from your site, and who links to you. Where does your site internally link? Broken links leading to crappy endings once a link is clicked is a thumbs down in the Google World. 
  • The latest software and devices are akin to the current trends in the dating world. If you walk to your date’s car and it is falling apart—held together with duct tape, second thoughts might enter your mind about the viability of a second date. Google feels the same way, especially when it is the one developing and dishing out the newest software. 
  • What is under the hood? Have you ever heard of catfishing in the dating world? That means you are shown one thing and someone entirely different shows up. The same can happen with a website. The outside is pretty, but under the hood ( in the code), it is a hot mess. Ongoing marketing makes sure the coding stays up-to-date with the 3,000 plus changes Google makes every year, that all the current requirements of Page Experience are implemented, and all the tracking pixels to Facebook and other platforms are running and current. Plus, your digital marketing provider will be checking your Google Console for messages from Google. Google assumes you are checking there!
  • Age matters to Google. The longer a website has been on the internet, with up-to-date content, plays a significant part in Google’s ranking algorithm. Authority Hacker did a study on the age of websites. They found the following:

“While the median age of the top ranked URL is somewhere between 3-5 years, the median age of the content on that page is only 7-8 months or less in most cases. “  

The Need to Market Even When Bookings Are Full

It is essential to keep up your marketing program, even if no new clients are being accepted. Marketing can bring in new clients, but that is not the only reason it exists. A big aspect of marketing is keeping up-to-date on the internet, which is constantly changing. 

When marketing is dropped, then Google and other platforms start to kick your visibility to the curb. Getting back into the good graces of Google and other platforms takes time. Right now, returning to the first page of search results can take a minimum of two months, and all the way up to a year. OUCH. The only way to rush this rebound is to purchase ads. Google Ads and any other Pay Per Click platform will be happy to take your cash. 

A vet tech examines a dog while looking at a tablet.

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