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SEO: Let’s Talk About Google AdWords

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Google AdWords is one the most valuable tools available when executing a successful digital marketing campaign. As many people already know, Google is the largest search engine on the Internet and they don’t have any major competitors. When people need to search for something on the Internet, they go to Google. Because of this, everyone advertising on the Internet should be integrating Google AdWords into their digital marketing campaigns.

Three Keys To a Successful Google AdWords Campaign

  1. The Keywords:

Selecting the right keywords for your veterinary AdWords campaign will set the foundation for your success. These keywords will help you target people who search for exact or similar keywords that match your AdWords campaign. There is a variety of free and paid keyword platforms available on the Internet and even AdWords offers keyword assistance but the most valuable tool in keyword selection is you.

Your Beyond Indigo SEO Account Manager will compile a list of every possible keyword that relates to your veterinary clinic/hospital and current campaign. Once we have this list completed, we can implement it into AdWords campaign platform and adjust the list as your campaign progresses. Continue reading

Resolve to Make Your Veterinary Website Better in 2017

Veterinary Website

When was the last time you navigated through your whole veterinary website?

Has it been 6 months? A year? More?

Make your veterinary website do more for you, your clients, and your potential clients by doing just a little at a time at the beginning of 2017. And if you’re not sure where to start, we’ll help lay it out for you…

January 2017 – March 2017
(10 – 15 minutes per day)

Read every page on your website at the rate of 1 page per day. Look at the page’s traffic analytics; do visitors even come to this page? Could it be removed altogether to streamline your navigation?

Make a note – starting with the URL of the page you are working on – about the things that you feel should be changed or updated on the page. Also, be sure to look at your pages on both a traditional monitor, as well as a tablet and phone screen. Continue reading

10 Veterinary Website Must-Haves

Is your veterinary website for the dogs?Can you believe the World Wide Web celebrated the 25th anniversary of its inception in 2014? Since its inception, the web has been in a whirlwind of constant change. A veterinary website designed and built even 4 or 5 years ago likely lacks some contemporary standards for user-friendliness, compatibility with new devices, and search visibility. This is perfectly natural—many of these technologies and approaches didn’t even exist 5 years ago. Like humans and animals, websites require regular checkups and maintenance to maintain optimal functionality.

Does your website pass muster? Here’s a checklist of 10 must-have features for every modern veterinary website. Continue reading