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Thoughts of a First-Time VMX-er 

A pile of puppies at VMX.

Tips to Make VMX a Success (for New Visitors and Veterans)

Since 2004, Beyond Indigo Pets has been a staple exhibitor at the Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX) in Orlando. Although many of our team members are pros at navigating the ins and outs of the convention, each year we have a newbie or two who experiences the event for the first time. We know first-hand how overwhelming the Orange County Convention Center can be your first time out, so we wanted to give you some tips to help you make the most of your time at VMX 2023.

3 Tips to Make Attending VMX a Success

1. First Things First: Pack Smart

You’re looking at your VMX schedule and trying to figure out what to pack. Here are some of our tips (most of which we’ve learned the hard way):

  • Clothes: It’s Florida in January, right? The weather must be nice. While this is usually the case (especially for people coming from places with actual winter), Orlando in January can be crisper than you’d imagine. While most days will bring a lovely, temperate 70-ish degrees, the temperatures can dip down into the 30s, so pack a few warm pieces of clothing just in case. 
  • Shoes: Comfortable shoes are an absolute must. You will very likely be walking at least 10,000 steps a day, not to mention standing around talking to exhibitors at booths. It is essential to have shoes that you can wear comfortably for long periods of time (and for long distances).
  • Extra Room: So many of the booths have swag for you to take after you stop by for a conversation. Try to leave some extra room in your luggage so you can safely transport all your new treasures back home when the convention is over.

2. Know Your Pain Points

In order to truly get the most out of VMX, you should have a true understanding of the pain points of your practice. Coming with a goal of what you want to accomplish will help you optimize your time and find answers to your most pressing questions. Try to make a list of the following:

  • What are the biggest struggles for my practice?
  • To what area do I need to devote more attention?
  • What product or service would help me the most?

3. Build Your Schedule

Beyond Indigo Pets' VMX Booth (Booth 3806).

VMX is huge. There is a product or service for any veterinary need you can imagine. From apps to cleaning products, there is something for everyone (even an area to snuggle puppies and kittens!). Whether you are the owner of a small, specialized clinic or run a big emergency hospital, there is always a client who could benefit from your services. Your VMX schedule can help you find the booths you really want to find (like Beyond Indigo Pets at Booth 3806). Effective ways to build your schedule:

  • Check the Exhibitors List (link to list) to find the booth numbers of any vendors you currently use or are interested in
  • Find out if the exhibitors you’re interested in have availability to book time at the show, so you get more effective 1-on-1 attention
  • Look at the educational opportunities and pre-register for sessions
  • Avoid getting hangry: food options can be limited and busy on the convention floor, so research nearby restaurants for more food flexibility ahead of time

Above all: remain flexible! Keep your schedule organized but flexible to adding or removing stops on the fly so you don’t miss out on some great exhibitors!

See if you can schedule time ahead with vendors you want to meet. 

If you aren’t sure what your marketing pain points are, click here to schedule time with us at VMX 2023. We can discuss your needs and how to get started on a strategy to grow your practice. Beyond Indigo Pets is here for you. As experts in the veterinary digital marketing field, we know exactly what it takes to get new tails through your door. 

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