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Thoughts of a First-Time VMX-er 

It’s a Sunday morning that feels suspiciously like a Monday as we descend the escalator to the lower level of the Orange County Convention Center. We flash our badges to the staff members standing guard in front of the door and they nod as they see the “E” for exhibitor nestled in the lower-left corner. 

It’s the first official day of VMX (Veterinary Meeting & Expo) and two out of three of us in our trio have never been to a veterinary convention of any size before. As soon as we see the ever-expanding convention floor, we realize this is a massive one. 

Luckily, the Beyond Indigo Pets booth is pretty close to the door, and we are soon setting up for Day One. We plug in the iPad so it displays website examples across the flat-screen tv, organize the new white ottomans in a pattern that is both comfortable and inviting, and set out our flyers on the tall table that rests in the front left corner of the booth. 

And then we wait. 

Hannah and I (Beth), the two convention newbies, fidget nervously. The sheer amount of people and noise is much more than we were expecting. Within the first twenty minutes of the show, someone walks by with a cute dog on a leash and we both inhale excitedly. 

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Coming Out On Top: Beyond Indigo’s Top 10 Blogs of 2016

Ahhhh, 2016… You fickle beast. We cannot say that we are sorry to see you go – you took some of our best musicians and performers and gave us an election cycle none of us will soon forget – but you had your up-ticks, too. New friends, great adventures, and a whirlwind of growth and opportunity, both personally and professionally, seemed to be on point, as well.

At Beyond Indigo, we feel fortunate, that our company has expanded and weathered the storm of 2016 with great success. New clients, new employees, and new offerings have resulted in an abundance of growth for our company. Along the way, we have shared our story via our company blog.

But what has resonated with our readers? What trends have piqued the interest of tech savvy veterinarians looking to expand their digital marketing footprint? Not surprisingly, Google Analytics has the answers… And we do love a good show and tell. Continue reading