Veterinary Marketing for the Holidays—Goldilocks Style

A dog in a Santa hat helps his mom do online holiday shopping.

One of the keys to successful veterinary marketing is finding a plan/system that works for you consistently. Many of us tend to overestimate the time we can give to a project on an ongoing basis. In order to be effective, marketing needs regular time and attention—not just a few spare minutes here and there. As we look forward to the holiday season, now is the time to focus on molding a marketing plan to fit your needs. Beyond Indigo Pets is here to provide the ongoing marketing you need to see real results. Whether or not you’ve already signed up for a marketing package, the following tips can help you get your marketing jumpstarted for the holiday season. Just like Goldilocks, find the veterinary marketing strategy that is “just right” for your hospital while building a quarterly plan with your Beyond Indigo Pets marketing strategist.

Mild Effort

Best if you have:  ✓ limited time   ✓ no budget   ✓ basic social media knowledge   ✓ basic photo/video skills

We know that you might not have the time or resources to fully jump into a complete marketing plan right away, but there are some quick and easy ways to get people to engage with your brand. Here are just a few that only require a mild amount of effort:

Idea One: Social Media Holiday Contest  Have an Instagram account? Create a holiday contest with a hashtag like #yourbusinessname that people can use to tag their favorite holiday photos of their pets. This is an easy way to create some buzz around your business name. You will simply need to create the marketing message, tell people on Instagram and Facebook, and interact with the posts people tag you in. And all you have to do for a prize is to feature the winning photo on your timeline.

Idea Two: Team Video  For social media, create a video with every willing staff member saying “happy holidays” and sharing a pet holiday tip like: “Remember, no chocolate for dogs!” Once you are happy with the videos, have someone schedule them to post on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or NextDoor during the holiday months. 

Medium Effort

Best if you have:  ✓ flexible time   ✓ small budget    ✓ educational content   ✓ marketing channels to spread the word

If you have a little more time to devote to your holiday veterinary marketing efforts, here are some ideas that could be perfect for your practice:

Idea One: Client Education Sessions  Holidays are fraught with preventable animal health issues that catch many pet owners completely off guard. Educating clients about the dangers of certain toxins (like grapes for dogs or lilies for cats) is helpful in preventing issues that could instantly ruin someone’s holiday. You can hold a free in-person or Zoom class to discuss these concerns. If you do have the event online, make sure to share on your digital marketing platforms. 

Idea Two: Honor Your Clients’ Pets  Participate in a pet-focused gift like planting a tree in honor of a pet. There are many services that do this for you and your only requirements are to write a check and let your clients know that you are providing this service.  For pets who have passed, there are services such as Tree Givers. You can also use something like the National Forest Service. Create a few social media posts explaining the process, make a flyer for the hospital, and let your clients know about the program when they come in for their appointments.

Maximum Effort

Best if you have:  ✓ flexible schedule  ✓  budget   ✓  space in your practice/facility   
✓ community partnerships

Idea One: Celebrate Your Clients’ Pets   For all the pets that transitioned over the rainbow bridge in the last year (or a time period that you set), create or buy a Christmas tree ornament or other meaningful holiday marker. Invite the families to come in to pick up their special memory gift from you. Make sure to take pictures before and after the event to share on social media (with permission). 

Idea Two: Host a Get Together If your practice is open to in-house visitors, create a celebration time where your pet parents can come in and have a beverage, take a picture of their pet, and maybe buy some holiday gifts for Fido. Reconnecting on a face-to-face level helps grow the bond between you and your pet owners. If you have new services or under-utilized services, this would be a great time to showcase them and how they work. 

A volunteer event for rescue dogs.

Idea Three: Support Your Community Work with a local rescue group to serve as a drop-off place for a donation drive for the rescue. Gather a list of what the rescue group needs, promote it on social media channels, set up a drop-off area in or outside of the hospital, and then organize how to deliver the donated items. 

 When it comes to spreading the word about your practice, Beyond Indigo Pets has plenty of marketing plan options so we can do the heavy lifting for you. We deliver impacting results with a custom touch. Think of us as an extension of your business. We are here to help. Call (877) 244-9322 to get started!

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