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5 Tips to Help Make a Splash this Summer by Marketing to Existing Clients

Vacations, warmer weather, and fun outdoor activities are a great part of summer. It’s also a great opportunity to include some fun seasonal marketing to encourage business year-round and remind existing customers you are there for them in every season.  

Don’t let your marketing efforts take a summer vacation this year! Here are some easy tips to help your summer social media marketing make a splash: 

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Get to Know the Basics of a Veterinary Website

Man and cat reviewing a veterinary website.

It’s no secret that the world has changed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. More than ever before, people are checking websites and digital platforms for important information about the businesses they choose to spend with before they decide to make a purchase or become a customer. 

Your veterinary website is a direct reflection of your practice. It should give visitors a clear idea of who you are, what you do, and how you operate. A great tip is to think of your website as a digital waiting room, where visitors can learn about your services, make appointment requests, and get information that will impact the health of their beloved pet. Does your website have all they need? 

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The Send-Off Six: 6 Ways to Make Your Veterinary Marketing Goals a Reality in 2017

veterinary marketing

As the final days of 2016 fall away, many of us are taking stock of what went well in 2016 and what we would like to improve on in 2017. While we cannot speak to your personal reflections and aspirations, the Beyond Indigo team can help you focus on what you’re doing right, and what you can improve on, when it comes to digital marketing for your veterinary practice in the year ahead.

Special Treatment

In an effort to help your veterinary practice make your professional goals for 2017 a reality, we are preparing a series of end-of year specials that will save you money on your practice’s marketing.

The Send-Off Six, which will launch on December 26 and run until New Year’s Eve, will showcase six special event offers on deals for some of our most sought after services. Continue reading

Go Simple: Get a Plan: Your Digital Marketing Ecosystem

StickyWelcome to 2015. For those of us that grew up with the Back to the Future franchise, we know this is the year that Doc and Marty arrive in the future (seriously, where are the hoverboards!?!); but what about your veterinary practice? Has it arrived in the future, or is it still stuck in 1985?

Just as the diagnostic and surgical tools of the veterinary trade have evolved in the past 30 years, so have the tools you need to successfully market your practice. The once heavily-relied upon Yellow Pages are now lining bird cages across America and, while still necessary, even a stand-alone website isn’t likely to get your practice found in today’s increasingly social media-savvy world.

So how do you grow your veterinary practice in the twenty-first century? It’s simple. Sow the seeds for a digital marketing ecosystem. Continue reading